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FAQs (Personal Training)

We get asked all sorts of questions. If yours isn't listed here, please contact us and we'll do our best to answer it.

Where will personal training take place?

Depending on your goal and training requirements, Personal Training can take place in and around your home, local park or gym. We also offer personal training at the Knowle West Health Park due to its natural outdoor training areas. 

Can I chat to a trainer online for exercise and training advice?

We're delighted to announce that we now offer 'Online Personal Training'. From live video consultations and programme design to training plans and exercise advice. Offering tailored packages to fit all your training requirements.

Do you offer nutritional and fitness guidance without having to sign up to personal training?

You maybe interested to know that we now offer a 'Nutritional Fitness Guide'. Our guide is full of exercise tips and nutritional advice. You can order you guide for just £10.

Can I train with a friend at the same time?

Training with a friend or in a small group can be a fun way to exercise and can help bring the price down with our 'Elite Group Personal Training'.

I'm confident to train by myself but could do with motivational push every so often. 

We also offer what we call a 'Fitness Booster Session'. These are offered as one off personal training sessions aimed at giving you a unique training session with extra motivation. The great thing about our fitness booster sessions is the that there's no requirement for you to commit to long term Personal Training. 

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel a personal training session by giving more than 24 hours notice to reschedule that session to another day or time. Less than 24 hours notice to cancel your training session will result in you losing that session. You may also cancel all your personal training sessions at any time for any reason. Please see our personal training terms and condition for further details.

What will happen if I go on holiday?

As long as you give reasonable notice we will freeze your training until your return.

I want a little help with my training and diet but don't want long term personal training.

Then our Fitness/Nutritional Consultation would suit you perfectly! Learning simple yet effect ways to train combined with a few nutritional tips is sometimes all you need. The consultation is adapted to your needs and you're more then welcome to sign up to just a few personal training sessions to help you get started with no long term commitment. We also offer online fitness and nutritional consultation saving you unnecessary travelling time.

Can anyone book a PT booster session?

Yes, providing there are places available. We'll just need you to fill in a simple health screening form. Depending on your goal for your booster session we may also ask you to do a blood pressure test.

I can't seem to lose weight but I train regularly?

This is very common and may be due to incorrect training methods and intensity level of your training. We do offer a Fitness/Nutritional consultation. Here we'll discuss your training methods and nutritional intake to help evaluate where you're going wrong and how to adjust your training for better and quicker results.

Do I need to be good at running for RUN FIT?

No as we can show you simple yet effective ways to help improve your overall fitness and running ability with a personal designed programme.

Is RUN FIT like a like other running clubs?

No, RUN FIT is a specialised training tool which can be adapted to 1-2-1 personal training, small group or sports team training.


Want to take your fitness to the next level? Then get signed up for some 1-2-1 personal training. Please call Jason on 07855 465 872, or get in touch here for more information.

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