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Booster Sessions (1-2-1)

Offering a new concept in Personal Training.

Designed to give you a 'fitness kick up the rear'

Primarily, the booster sessions were only offered to previous and current customers of Hodge Health & Fitness. However as this new way of offering one off personal training sessions proved very popular it is now offered to anyone in Bristol that requires a boost to their training.
The booster sessions are a cost effective way to buy 1-2-1 personal training as you only pay for one session at a time with no ongoing commitment. Providing there is availability you can also choose when and where you have your session. There are no limitations to how many sessions you have. 
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How many times have you skipped your workout?

It may not have been due to your knowledge or fitness ability but perhaps down to a lack of motivation or even boredom. Jason's booster sessions will not only give you back that lost motivation but will also give your training that well needed zest.
Jason can also show you various and new ways to train to help keep the progression of your continued training, pushing you closer to achieving your goal.

Fancy trying something a little different? 

Using various training methods or different equipment can also have a positive impact on your training and will shock your body in to new growth.
So whether you have just come back off your holiday and can't seem to get back in to your training routine or you need a little help with conditioning before signing up for the Boot Camp, booking a 1-2-1 PT booster session will give you the motivation and confidence to succeed for the long term.
Spaces are always limited and cost £45.00 per session. 1-2-1 PT Booster Sessions can also be offered to small groups! - See Elite Group Personal Training.

If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level call Jason on 07855 465 872 or get in touch here to get things moving.


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