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About Personal Training

We work with you to establish your fitness goals and design a suite of personal exercises that are tailored especially for you. Our personal training service can now be offered in person, mobile or online. Mobile training is located in South Shields and the surrounding area.

Motivation at it's best

Boxing kit1No two people are the same and helping you take your personal fitness to the next level is our ultimate goal. Everyone's unique and we're here to motivate you and help you succeed. We will take a 360° view of your individual fitness and work with you to design the best programme for you.

  • No gimmicks.
  • No magic pills.
  • Carefully selected exercises to help you achieve your goal faster.
  • Using the latest training intensity methods.
  • Getting the results you've been after for so long. 

Why choose Jason to be your personal trainer?

When we offer personal training not only do we want our clients to reach their goal, but we also want to invest in their future health too. We do this by passing on relative information about exercise and nutrition in a way that is logical, common sense and easy to understand.
We like to encourage clients to take bold steps and for them to try and train in various training methods to enhance performance and ability. We also reassure them that Jason is only a phone call away should they have any questions about their health and fitness.
We always consider the best location for the type of training in mind, relative to the client's goal. Training can take place in the home/garden, at work, a local park or the gym. Training located in South Shields and surrounding areas. However have you considered online personal training?

Live online training now available

Working with clients with live video calls is a unique way of training that puts you in control. The value of your training isn't with a trainer standing in front of you. The value comes from the trainer's fitness back ground and ability to offer you the best exercise advice and to design you a training plan tailored to you and suitable to your requirements and personal goal.

So whether you want a complete training programme, a tailored exercise plan or just need a little help with your current training, Jason can help you achieve your goal.

How does all this online training work?

With our online training you'll always be in control. We'll start with a free 10-15 minute chat/consultation to talk about your training requirements and personal goals. You may even find that you don't need long term weekly personal training as the advice we offer during the fitness consultations are often enough to set you up and training. Then you can either set up regular scheduled updates, or just ask for an update when ever you feel you want one.

Training Location

It really doesn't matter where you live or where you train as online training with Jason will offer you the very best advice, training and designed workouts tailored to you. All you need is an area to train in, access to the internet plus either a smart phone, tablet/ipad, laptop or PC. Then you're good to go...

With online training there's no boundaries to your fitness possibilities. Save time & train at home, office or even on holiday!
Online Fitness Consultation: £30
Here we'll chat about what you want to achieve from your training. Maybe you're looking to improve your training methods or need fresh training ideas to improve your fitness level.
  • Free initial 10-15 minute phone call chat/consultation.
  • Training advice.
  • Goals setting.
  • Designed exercise plans.
Complete Tailored Training Programmes: £45 
  • Free initial 10-15 minute phone call chat/consultation.
  • Weekly & monthly programmes available.
  • Designed sessions.
  • Updates available only £30.
Personal Training £35 per session (block bookings) £40 pay as you go.
  • Free initial 10-15 minute phone call chat/consultation
  • Weekly Training
  • Regular updates available
  • Holiday routines
  • And much more...

* PayPal buttons coming soon...

Exceptional value personal training

You supply the effort

With over 20 years of training experience, former Royal Marine Jason can offer you the very best way to get in shape relevant to your current level and ability.

Sign up to personal training with 4 week block bookings and receive our Nutritional Fitness Guide worth £10 for fee. You'll also receive a complimentary training t-shirt.

Let's get started

Starting with a no obligation consultation we'll discuss your goals and training requirements in more detail. You'll be asked to fill in a Health and Exercise screening form to assess your current health. It really doesn't matter what level you're starting from as we'll design you a programme with a progression to encourage your improvement. 

Remember Rome wasn't built in a day! So we may have to set out some sub goals before your ready to work towards your main goal. - We'll get you there!
Your first session will be a Health and Fitness Appraisal. Here we'll be able to take a closer look at your health and fitness with some simple checks and assessments to help find your base-line. Now we're ready to use all this data and information collected and get started on designing you a personal programme with exercises and fitness drills that will work around you and your goal. 
Our Personal Training prices are £40 per session for 'pay as you go'. However the price can be lowered to just £35 per session when you sign up and commit to 4 week block bookings. Our consultations are just £10 which you'll redeem back when you sign up to your first 4 week block booking.
* Now only £30 per session at The Gym - South Shields!
For more details about all our prices please see our price page.

1-2-1 training designed just for you

 To book a consultation or for more info about personal training, please get in touch here or call 07855 465 872.

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