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Nutritional supplements from Lamberts

We've teamed-up with UK-based Lamberts Health Care who have a wide range of high quality, high potency nutritional supplements that have been endorsed by healthcare professionals.

This means we can offer our club members a great choice of products with 20% discount for PT clients, 15% for BootCampers and 10% to all other clients. Giving you the support you need to help you achieve your goals.

Lamberts SPORTLamberts have a wide selection of supplements to suit all budgets. All products come with loads of free advice, and when ordered through Hodge Health & Fitness, you get a special discount too.

In addition, you may wish to book a Fitness & Nutritional Consultation, to find out what nutritional products would suit you best. You'll also receive best advise on how to reach your goals through exercise and healthy eating.

Whether you want to lose weight, get better at sport performance/recovery, or just improve your fitness level, we can advise you on the right choices to get better results.

Making change can initially be daunting, but with the right advice and support, you'll soon be heading towards a successful outcome.

Here is a list of our most popular products: 

Weight Loss

  • Pure Green Coffee Extract: (RRP £19.95 - 60 tablets). 
    Member's Card PT clients 20% - £15.96. BootCampers 15% - £16.95. Others 10% - £17.95.
  • Diet Whey Protein: (RRP £32.99 - 180 capsules).
    Member's Card PT client 20% - £26.39. BootCampers 15% - £28.04. Others 10% - £29.69

Improved Fitness/Recovery/Sports Performance

Joint Care

  • Maximum Strength Fish Oil with Omega 3(RRP £23.45 - 180 capsules).
    Member's Card PT clients 20% - £18.76. BootCampers 15% - £19.93. Others 10% £21.10.
  • Glcosamine Complete(RRP £17.95 - 120 tablets).
    Member's Card PT clients 20% - £14.36. BootCampers 15% - £15.25. Other's 10% - £16.15.

Lamberts Health Care offer many more health products so please feel free to check out their website. Remember to achieve great results and performance you also need to adopt a health balanced nutritional diet and backed up with the right exercise plan. With a Fitness & Nutritional Consultation we'll discuss to the best way to construct a healthy eating and exercise plan. 

Please get in touch if you want to kick-start your fitness today. Alternatively, for more information on Lamberts Health Care, please visit their website here.

(Image courtesy of Lamberts Health Care).

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