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Payment Terms

Please read all our terms very carefully as we ask all customers to agree to these terms before training commences.

Military Boot Camp

Up-front payment

  • Paying up front for the Boot Camp course will only cover you for the current course being paid for, starting from week one through to week six.
  • The multiple sessions option will entitle you to attended as many sessions as you like from week one through to week six.
  • The single session option will entitle you to attend just one session a week for the six week course.


All discounted Boot Camp sessions will expire on the last training session of week six. Paid sessions may be used and redeemed at both Filton and Knowle venues. Under no circumstances can you take any unused discounted sessions over to the next course and/or past the last training session of week six.


You cannot pass your Boot Camp course or individual session to a 3rd party. The Boot Camp course is heavily discount when paying up front for the single session per week and the multiple sessions per week and therefore are both none refundable.

Non Attendance & Cancellations

It will be your responsibility to attend the Boot Camp sessions in-line with your payment option. No compensation will be offered to you, due to other commitments (personal or other) that you may have which may stop you from attending the Boot Camp sessions.

Please read our full terms of business here, of which a hard copy can be provided on request.

Personal Training

Up-front payment

You may opt for a 4 week block booking for discounted personal training sessions. A minimum of 1 session a week will apply and all sessions will need to be booked up-front to avoid disappointment as priority is given on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Discounts & Special Offers

Once training has started & discounts applied no refund will be offered. 


It will be the responsibility of the client to arrive on time for their booked personal training sessions. The trainer will wait for 15 minutes if client is late. However no refund will be offered.

Non Attendance & Cancellations

No refund will be offered to the client for non attendance of any training session. Cancellation of any training session will need to be made within a minimum of 24 hours notice in advance to avoid a cancellation charge. Cancellation of a training session with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at full personal training fee. If there is no communication for two weeks then the trainer will assume that the client no longer wishes to continue to train. A new client will be offered their training time slot. No refund will be offered.

A client has the right to change their minds and may cancel their personal training of block bookings provided no training has commenced. A refund will be offered less any work already provided by the trainer such as programme design etc.


Please also read our full terms of business here, of which a hard copy can be provided on request.

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