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FAQs (Boot Camp)

We get asked all sorts of questions. If yours isn't listed here, please contact us and we'll do our best to answer it.

What kit do I need?

You'll need to wear fitness clothing suitable to the weather and time of year. If you're new to exercising outdoors then we suggest shorts and a vest or T-shirt for summer and for the colder months it's always a good idea to wear leggings and a thermal training top with a vest or T-shirt. Water proof jackets are of course optional as well as gloves but not wollen as these will absorb the wet and make your hands colder. On the very cold sessions thicker socks or two pairs of thinner socks. We always recommend trail or off road trainers at any time of year for outdoor training as they will have superior tread for wet grass. You may bring your own exercise mat or an old towel to exercise on however you may find these items more of a hindrance than a help. Remember your training session will only last an hour and it will all come off in the wash. We also recommend to bring a towel to sit on in your car for your journey home.

Are your sessions suitable for beginners?

Our Boot Camp training system is open to all fitness levels. Optional alternative exercises can be offered should anyone struggle with our suggested exercises due to your current fitness level or old injuries that may limit the range of movement of particular joints etc. We also offer personal training packages to those who feel that they would benefit before attending our Boot Camps or to those who feel they need to specialize in any particular area of fitness.

Can I buy water at the venue?

Yes, we sell water too. You can buy bottled water from our instructors for just £1.00 at the start of your session. It's also important to not only drink water before during and after your training sessions but also during the day too.

Are there toilets at the venue?

Yes there are toilets at both Boot Camp venues.

Are there changing facilities at both venues? 

You may use the changing rooms and lockers at the Filton leisure centre. There is no official changing facilities or lockers at the Knowle venue, however you may use the parent and baby changing room on site.

Are the Boot Camp sessions inside or outdoors?

This is a real Military Boot Camp and all our training session operate outdoors. 

What happens if it rains?

We get wet! Feed back from many of our Boot Campers say just how invigorating and empowering training in the rain can be. Generally just because it rains in the morning doesn't mean it will rain later in the evening. Plus if it does rain then we still soldier on as we say in the Royal Marines "if it's not raining then it's not training". Remember the better prepared you are then the better your session experience will be. Keep your water proof jacket, gloves and hat in your car just in case.

Can I take unused sessions over to the next Boot Camp course?

Under no circumstances can you take any unused discounted sessions over to the next course and/or passed the last training session of week 4. It will be your responsibility to attend the Boot Camp sessions in-line with your payment option and no compensation will be offered due to other commitments (personal or other) that you may have that may stop you from attending your training sessions.

Can I get refunded should I decide to stop attending the Boot Camp?

If you opt for pay as you go then you only pay for the sessions you attend. However if you sign up and pay up front for the full 4 week Boot Camp course with either the 1 session a week or multiple option, then your sessions will be heavily discounted and are non-refundable. 

What happens if I have a holiday mid-term of the Boot Camp course?

As above no compensation will be offered due to other commitments you may have. We suggest you work out your best payment option for yourself regarding a holiday mid-term of Boot Camp. You do of course have the option to pay as you go, however it may still be better value to opt for the multiple option due to the session being heavily discounted. This will of course depend on how many times you attend your Boot Camp sessions.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes you may try a session on pay as you go before you decide to commit and sign up for the full Boot Camp course.

Will there be other people and dogs around the park we use?

The contracted parks we use are also open to the general public too. During our risk assessment people in our training area will be advise that our training session will be taking place and will be politely ask to move before the start of the session. There are also signs politely asking dog owners to be respectful and to keep their dogs on leads or at close restrain. However dogs that do come close are just curious & do not hinder our sessions. 

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