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Duty of Care

Our Duty of Care Promise is a full risk assessment of the area used for Boot Camp, RUN-FIT and Personal Training and will take place before every training session we do.

Our promise to you

Any objects that may hinder your session or that potentially may cause harm or injury will be removed. Any members of the public that are in the training area will be informed and politely asked to give us the space we need for our Boot Camp or RUN/FIT training session. As the training areas are also public areas please be respectful of any individual who may appear in your way and simply move around them. They will be advised that our training sessions are organised under contract.

Warming up and cooling down

At Hodge Health & Fitness we want to give you the best exercise experience and help you achieve the very best results.

HHodge Van with kit 1 squareowever we also want to keep your training sessions safe. We must ask you to stick to our session plan as all warm up/cool down exercises and stretches have been specifically chosen and precise instruction given.

All fitness sessions include a full warm up specifically designed to increase spinal and core mobility and to help increase full range of movement of all joints. Plus a cool down designed to increase flexibility and aid full recovery.

Please be a where of your surroundings and others around you. Be respectful at all times and keep your language tame. Listen to all verbal/physical instructions & demonstrations and do not talk through them. If you're not sure or don't understand anything then please ask.

Always do your best

At times we will encourage you to push yourself, try a few more repetitions or run faster etc.

These words of motivation are aimed at the training group as a whole. So there will be times where it will be a judgement call on your part whether your next repetition will be of benefit or of harm.

As you get to know your body more over the weeks of training then this judgement call will become easier for you to self-assess. Remember as a general rule, if exercise feels easy then your not pushing yourself enough! We want you to find your sessions challenging but not impossible!

If you want to stop

If at any time exercise causes you any discomfort or pain then please stop and let your instructor know as an alternative exercise can be given to you. In most cases you may just need a little time to rest and recover before you're able to join in again with your training session.

As the weeks go by you may notice that the rest periods on your Boot Camp sessions get shorter and less frequent. However as we are all different you are also encouraged on all our fitness sessions to rest when you feel you have to and drink water when you feel need too.


If you have any more questions about our sessions or duty of care, please call 07855 465 872 or get in touch here >

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