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Boot Camp Tips

All our favourite hints and tips about Boot Camp in one place

First Things First

  • Eating: If you haven't eaten for several hours please have a light healthy snack within one hour of your Boot Camp session to be sure your blood sugar levels remain high. Try fruit, milk or hand full of plain nuts etc.
  • Exercise mats: You may bring an optional old towel or mat to exercise on in the wetter weather.
  • Towels: Bring a towel or large bin bag for you to sit on in your car for your journey home.
  • Excess kit: Please refrain from bringing hand bags, back packs and heavy coats as we may move to other areas for training and these items will hinder the session. However any keys, inhalers and wallets etc can be place in the instructor's back pack for the duration of the Boot Camp session.

Cold Weather Clothing

  • Clothing: Thin Layers are always better than a few heavy pieces. No matter what the weather you’ll always get hot when exercising.
  • Thermals: Try a long sleeve thermal base layer with a T-shirt over the top. If it’s raining then just use a light weight jacket. Remember woolly gloves will soak up the wet so maybe try leather gloves or long fingered cycling/running gloves. Bring a woolly hat or running head band - if you get too hot you can easily take your hat off and put in your pocket.
  • Trainers: If you're going to invest in a new pair of trainers, try 'trail trainers' which will have superior tread for running on grass.
  • Cold feet? Try two pairs of socks.


Keep yourself hydrated during your Boot Camp sessions and bring a bottle of water. However don't worry if you do forget your water as bottled water is now available on the day at just £1.00.

Got a question about Boot Camp?

We also have a comprehensive FAQs section about all things Boot Camp here and you can also join in on Facebook and talk to other Boot Campers about our sessions. 


You might also like our FAQs, which can be found under both the What We Do section and Personal Training. Alternatively, contact Jason anytime for a chat about all things Boot Camp.

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