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Monday, 20 May 2019 11:57 Written by Jason Hodge

Safety whilst training at home

Safety while trining at homeTraining at home can be a great place to start your fitness journey and it’s easier to fit in with your hectic lifestyle. No traveling to a gym or class, no busy peak times. Plus you’ll be able to train with minimal fitness equipment.

All you need is yourself and a bottle of water. And now you’re ready to go. What could possibly go wrong?...

But wait just a moment!

Have you considered your safety?

We all want to exercise and achieve great results – change our body shape and in doing so create a healthier lifestyle.

Results, such as fat loss, muscle tone and increase of general fitness are all achievable with a well thought out exercise programme. However we don’t want to injure ourselves during the process of our workout. That’ll be pointless and defeat the object of what you’re trying to achieve with your effort to become fitter and healthier.

Health & safety

Yep, there’s a health and safety issue here. We all live in the era of keeping and staying safe during our working hours. And your gym or fitness class will be no exception when it comes to your safe training session.

However, when you’re at home, you really are on your own when it comes to your safety. Even if you have other people in the house with you. You’ll be on your own when it comes to a risk assessment and your own personal safety.

I know at this point that you’ll be thinking, “But I only have 30 minutes to train, and I don’t want to spend 15 minutes of that time doing a risk assessment for a 15 minute workout.”

And what you’re saying makes perfect sense.

Training safely

It’s just about a little common sense, so what do you need to do to train safely at home?

  • Look at the area you’ve chosen to train. Is the floor carpet or laminate? If you have a laminated, then it would be a good idea to use an exercise mat as laminate could be a little harsh on your back whilst doing abdominal exercises.
  • Are you going to be training under the room’s ceiling light? Can you touch the light fitting when you’re standing upright with your arms raised above your head and stretching up? If you can then simply move to one side of the room.
  • Do you have enough room to perform all your exercises? You may have to think about moving from one side of your room to another area for more space etc.
  • What about those dog or baby toys that seem to find their way just about everywhere? Just have a quick check around as if you’re doing Jumping Jacks or a similar exercise then you don’t want to go over on your ankle if landing on a toy.
  • Plates, cups of tea, food etc? May sound obvious but you wouldn’t want to trip into a bowl of soup or a scolding hot cup of tea!
  • Are there people in the same room or could walk through the same area that you’re exercising in? Are they walking behind you trying to get past etc? Simply let these family members know that you’re about to exercise and ask them to give you the space you need. Or just ban them from the house!

All these safety checks should only take you a few minutes. Most of them may seem a little obvious I know but hey, best to be safe than sorry is my motto.

Let the music play

Ok, great, so we now know after having checking around for the above that you’re now ready to start your warm up and get down to some serious exercise. So, play your favourite music and get going!

All the best guys and I wish you all safe training and great results.

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