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Craig’s Boot Camp Fitness Results

Craig Boot Camp (2)Who is Craig? Craig is a regular family guy with a manual occupation. You could in fact say that Craig is a fairly normal everyday type of chap. There’s nothing unusual about that right?

You're right. There’s nothing unusual about Craig.

Apart from when he told me about the amazing weight loss results he achieved in a very short time from my 6-week Military Boot Camp fitness progression course.

In Craig’s own words

“Hi Jason, just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for all your support during the 6-week boot camp so far. We have only just started week five today and I have lost a stone in weight already. I feel so much better for it and my fitness levels have progressed alongside my dietary intake.

Craig Boot Camp (1)

"Taking part in your course has helped with my once terrible sleep patterns and given me a lot more energy to wake up with and to go about my day. It also makes the training easier with the fantastic support having a good bunch of people in group along with yourself. I'm not long got home knackered but looking for the next session already. I'd highly recommend your 6-week fitness progression course to anyone."

So what changed?

As we mentioned above (and I’m sure Craig would agree) that there is nothing physically different between him and other people that want to get fit and lose weight. However, what did change was Craig’s attitude towards his fitness training and his belief in his ability to progress.


You may have heard me saying it before, but consistency of training is the most important part of any fitness training programme. And Craig is a shining example of this very fact. Craig was also able to show great determination to do what he could on every training session he attended, which isn’t easy if you’re already tired from a shift with a manual job.

This isn’t a fairy tale and Craig isn’t the fittest person who attends my training sessions. However, Craig is a fighter!

So what?

Craig Boot Camp

Now you may be thinking that losing a stone in five weeks isn’t that impressive and based on this along I may have to agree. But you need to understand that Craig’s results isn’t just about his weight loss. In my ‘Nutritional Fitness Guide’ I explain that the scale only offers an overall weight of your body. It doesn’t tell you how much total body fat you may have lost or how much muscle you’ve gained. And it also doesn’t show you how much fitter you are.

The real results

In fact, with Craig’s muscle gain, Craig has probably lost a lot more body fat than he knows about. He’s also upgraded is fitness level thus lowering his resting heart rate and blood pressure too. In my eyes Craig is a true inspiration to us all. Testimony to what just can be achieved with a little effort and dedication in a relatively short period of time.

Well done Craig, keep up the good work and I’ll see you on the next ‘Commando Challenge’.

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