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When is a running club not a running club?

RunFit ParachutesAnswer: When the running club is run by a military boot camp and fitness instructor who also happens to be a former Royal Marine.

What is a running club?

There’s nothing new about running clubs and they are great for meeting like-minded people which can be very social. They’ve been around for years, and can be anything from a group of friends having a regular jog around the block to more formal sessions held at places like athletic clubs. Either way, they seem to be having a bit of a resurgence.

Do people get the wrong idea about running clubs?

The answer is yes. They see the name and they make an assumption – a bunch of folk that go out running. But in their recent reappearance as a form of disciplined fitness activity, they are emerging in all types of guises.

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Generally, most clubs will have three levels of distance for various levels of running ability. Each week the running route may vary but the distance of each group will remain the same. This is where they make their biggest mistake. It’s a known fact that just focusing on endurance and distance won’t help you to increase speed and power and therefore you won't increase your comfortable pace.


Take ours for example. People turn up not knowing quite what to expect but imagine some running might be involved. They get a surprise when we talk about improving your sprint technique and then get the parachutes and skipping ropes out.

Our RUN-FIT running training is not a jogging club! It includes specific activity training that is designed to help improve agility and flexibility as well as your overall running ability, performance and overall cardio fitness. And yes, it involves running outdoors (not on a treadmill).

What makes specifically designed running exercise drills different?

Running is not just about running in a straight line a long a flat route. If you want to become a better runner, then you’ll need to add cardio/fitness drills into your weekly training programme. You’ll soon notice a big difference this makes to your fitness level and running ability.

For example – running up and down incline will improve your running along the flat. Also, running whilst being gently pulled from the rear will add resistance and improve muscle strength and power.

So, what should you look for when choosing a running club?

Anyone can get a few people together and start a social running club, but having planned cardio circuits and interval training programmes laid out in advance could make all the difference.

  • Look for how qualified and experienced the instructors are. Check-out their for qualifications and ask questions about their back ground and if they can share any customer testimonials.
  • Find out if they do a proper warm-up and cool down with their sessions. Remember that even a designed warm up will have an influence on your performance.
  • Find out what equipment they use and if any of the exercises can be tailored just for you and your level of fitness. 

If you would like to improve your running ability and performance then consider joining a RUN-FIT club like ours. You can find out more details about our RUN-FIT running training and what we do on our dedicated RUN-FIT page. Oh, and we promise the parachutes aren’t for use in light aircraft. Lol!

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