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A healthier and fitter New Year

New Year New YouDo you tell yourself ‘This year I’m going to lose weight and get fit’ but fail to even get started after saying it!?

A healthier and fitter new YOU

I believe people really do mean it when they say that and really want to lose weight and get fit. But just saying it won’t do it by itself. You must take action to get started and this is where most people fail with their healthier new year’s resolutions.

Are you motivated?

Starting a plan of action to get healthier and fitter can be a very daunting task for many, however help is at hand. With the internet at your fingertips get searching for local help such as a Gym, exercise class, boot camp, running club or even personal training.

You may even feel more motivated if you started with a friend. Remember once you’ve starting motivation will become a little easier when it comes to continuing with your healthier and fitter lifestyle. But you need to be consistent. Being motivated is always a great start to become closer to your goal, however you also need to be consistent with your training if you want to see any changes to your body and get the results you want. Consistency is the most import ingredient for your fitness progression. Your body will become more conditioned the more regular your workouts are.

Don’t just join a gym!

Most gyms will see a massive increase in members during the New Year with most of them cancelling their gym membership within just a few months. There’s nothing wrong with joining a gym as most of them will offer their members some impressive and up to date fitness and exercise machines to use. However, if you’re not sure how to train, then simply aimlessly working out on this exercise machine or that machine won’t bring you your results! You’ll need a designed plan aimed at your fitness goal.

Do you need a professional action plan?

Rather than make the same exercise mistakes of most people, exercising with a professional fitness trainer will offer you a way of achieving your health and fitness goal quicker with advice that’s best suited to your needs. So whether you join a gym, fitness class, running club, boot camp or personal training you need to start somewhere and that’s now.

Make this year the year you got results!

Think about all the other times you have failed with your healthy new year’s resolutions and learn from your past mistakes.

The biggest mistake most people make is just saying it and not anything about it! So, ask yourself, if you don’t start now, then when will you? Get motivated, get signed up and get your results!

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