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Why train in cold weather?

Bad weather training 720Just because it’s wet or cold (or both) doesn’t mean you should give up and stop training. Rather you just need to adapt to the bad weather conditions for a better training experience.

When I started my preparation training to join the Royal Marines I quickly realised that I couldn’t rely on the weather for perfect training conditions. If I only trained with good weather conditions, then I would never of got fit enough before joining. Even though I may of ran slower in the cold/bad weather I was still getting fitter. The reason being is that training in nature offers natural obstacles such as resistance from wind and rain.

Naturally the wind will slow you down but the harder you're able to push forward through this resistance then not only is this offering you a natural training tool but you'll also be building a strong and powerful mind. Perfect if you're planning to join the Royal Marines!

So’ whether you’re out for a run or attending your regular Boot Camp session, you must tell yourself that you’re never going to get perfect weather for training. In fact, if it’s not too cold then it’ll be too hot. You'll be less inclined to skip your training the better organised and prepared you are and therefore keeping to your training and fitness progression.

Be consistent for best results

You may have seen in my other blogs and many Facebook posts about the importance of being consistent with your training. The more consistent you can be with your training sessions then the better your results will be and the quicker you'll see those results. So you need to get over the fact that some of your outdoor training sessions will be in the rain, cold or just generally bad weather. However, if you’re a fair-weather trainer and only train when conditions are perfect then I wish you the very best of luck with your results as you're training sessions will be random and irregular.

This is Britain after all!

Training outdoors in the UK is going to bring all sorts of interesting weather to your outdoor training session, so if you want to get fit then you’ll need to learn to deal with it. On a positive note at least the seasonal changes will offer you a little variety to you ongoing training. Towards the end of Royal Marine training is the famous Commando test which are of course all outdoors. So depending on when a recruit joins will greatly effluents the time of year they'll embark on these commando tests.

It's not uncommon for a recruits to have to break the ice before wading through Peter's pool during their Endurance Course or even have to brace the cold of hailstones during the Tarzan Assault Course. The Commando recruits will also see a variety of weather condition whilst yomping across Dartmoor on the 30 miler. These Royal Marine recruits will still be expected to complete their commando tests within the same required times regardless of the weather conditions!

You’ll only get wet once

This is what my training team used to say to me whilst in Royal Marine basic training. And is so true too. Once you’re completely wet that’s it, you’re not going to get any wetter, so get on with it. It's only water and even mud comes off in the wash! This positive attitude will also help you build grit and determination.

Kit List

Here’s your cold/bad weather kit list. Of course, everything is optional and will greatly depend on the weather temperature and type of exercise you’re doing:

  • Optional exercise mat for Boot Camp training.
  • Long leggings or running tights under your shorts.
  • Thermal top with t-shirt.
  • Water proof running jacket.
  • Gloves thin or thick with palm padding if attending Boot Camp.
  • Hat or running head band that covers your ears.
  • Worth thinking about trail/off road trainers. See my blog on ‘using the right trainers’.
  • Thermal and or water proof socks or just two pairs of socks.

You’re now fully prepared for your next training session regardless of the weather. If you’re attending an outdoor Boot Camp, then remember a towel to sit on for your car journey home and maybe a spare hoodie to change in to in case of very bad/wet weather. Be organised and prepared guys.

Of course all our training is outdoors!

You can find out more about our RUN-FIT and Boot Camp training by clicking the links. 

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