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The components of fitness

ComponentsIn this recent Linkedin post, Jason explores the notion of 'the components of fitness'. The things that all together have an equal share in you total fitness, and should be considered when designing an exercise programme.

It can be one of the best feelings ever when you reach a new personal best in what ever area of fitness you're good at. But focusing on just one aspect of fitness could mean injury in the long term.

What are the components?

During my career in the Royal Marines we had to be fit for any event around the world with less then 24 hours notice to move. Being a Commando you would never know in advance what is going to confront you when you arrive for battle. So you had to be prepared for any hardship and anything that could be physically demanding.

The components of fitness as I see it are:

  • Muscle endurance
  • Muscle strength/power
  • Flexibility
  • Speed & reaction time
  • Skill or motor fitness
  • Relaxation & rest (massage)
  • Nutrition (diet)
  • Cardio-respiritory endurance

Spread the stress

One thing you'll notice with the type of cross training that comes with covering all these components is that all of the body's joints and muscle groups are used in many various ways of movement and with various levels of intensity. Training this way will generally spread the physical stress of training across all your joints and muscle groups creating balance. When applying various training methods to your training programme you'll also be promoting injury free training.

Of course if you're training for a particular event then training will have to be adapted and focused but then resuming a regular balanced approach to your fitness training when possible.

For injury proof training and for 'Total Fitness' try to include all of the components of fitness (see illustration) in to your training programme.

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