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We've had lots of nice feedback over the years, and if you want to know what the Serg says about Jason's time in the Royal Marines, just scroll to the end!

Our testimonials are from both Personal Training clients, Boot Campers and RUNFIT training. Many are clients are new whilst others have been training with Jason for years. 

I started 6 weeks ago. I'm the wrong side of 40, 6 stone overweight and a smoker. I have enjoyed every minute even in the pouring rain at week 5 and will be signing up again. I have lost 1st 2lb and just wish I could go more often than once a week. However, it's working and even though I can't always do everything I do what I can and push a bit more. Thanks Jason." - Cathy Laity

"Love it. I'm not really an outdoors training person but this just works really well. Train at your own pace and do as much as you can with a mixture of fitness levels. Thanks Jason!"
-Millie Jones

"My thoughts about your Runfit Training Session. On the first runfit training session I was expecting an hour of running up and down hills around the Knowle Health Centre; I could not be more wrong. In fact we spent the hour learning running techniques, improving our flexibility, agility, and interval running and sprinting. Overall enjoyed the runfit training session, and felt so much more energised than before I started. Definitely looking forward to the next session, and knowing Jason no two sessions are ever the same." - Barbara Chan

Quote Commiting to

"Your PT sessions were very varied and always well planned with consideration given to the areas I'd asked you to focus on (arms and muscle toning) as well as improving all round strength, fitness and cardio.  I saw considerable muscle growth in my arms, my legs feel stronger than ever and due to the inordinate amount of squats we did; I can honestly say my buttocks have never been so firm!

"Committing to 8 sessions over a 4 week period worked very well for me; I was able to honour the commitment and see great results fairly quickly.  My general overall toning and fitness has improved as well as my running, despite fairly heavy resistance from me. I will endeavor to continue to run outside and up Park Street.

"I think the 8 session PT is good value for money and would recommend it to anyone although it's important to ensure you put in the effort and don't just turn up."

- Caroline Dykes

"I attended runfit this week...I really enjoyed it and know it will enhance my running ability, ensuring I get drills in to improve both speed and technique. The drills were challenging and fun. Equally this would be great for those just starting out in running...I will definitely be back"

- Rachael Ellard


 "Already feeling a lot fitter thanks to you Jason & enjoying wearing clothes 4 dress-sizes smaller! looking forward to next year and a new me." - Meachelle Martin

Quote Unfit

'I was over the moon to get my Member's Card, which enabled me to get discount from Alan Muckle (Sport Injury and Performance therapist) when I hurt my back. He's worked wonders and fixed me in just three sessions (and with discount). Thanks Jason'. - Cheryl (PT customer), South Bristol

"I booked 8 PT sessions with Jason as I was unfit, slow, heavy and my confidence was gone. I had also suffered quite bad whiplash in a car accident a few months earlier so my neck, back and shoulder were not very mobile and I was cautious of the pain element. I was also a bit nervous that I would be so unfit I would embarrass myself!!

"Right from the start Jason puts you at ease - he has a great sense of humor and there is never any hint of negativity, he is the most positive, well meaning person I have met (and that rubs off on you as well!).

"The sessions are completely varied - even things like rope pulling! so it is different and it gives your whole body the chance to work and get back into feeling alive again, you never get bored and (sometimes!) don't even notice the work you are putting in. Jason assesses your fitness level and knows just the right amount to push you physically without taking it too far. He is firm but fair!

"As the sessions went on we discussed my lifestyle and what I could/would do myself after the PT had finished to keep up the fitness level I had achieved so far - this was so useful to chat this through with someone who really knows his stuff and for us to come up with something achievable and varied for me - great from a longevity point of view - which is the whole point.

"At one point during the sessions I did lose heart a bit as I felt I wasn't making as much progress as I'd hoped, but Jason pointed out that this is because each session he was pushing me to a slightly new, higher level and he showed me just how much progress I had made since the start - this was really encouraging and it is the things like this that really help you - as your own mind can sometimes run away on a negative angle.

"All in all I can't recommend Jason's sessions enough - if you have the courage to make that first step yourself, then Jason really carries you through the rest.

"At the end, I not only felt so much happier, fitter and stronger, but my whiplash injury/mobility had also greatly improved (this was amazing and something I did not think would happen) most of all though it was the confidence I now had in myself and my own ability to get up and do it!"

- Kate Odare

"I have really enjoyed boot camp and find it challenging but very rewarding. I especially enjoyed the fact each session is different each week and found this very beneficial in improving my fitness and build, as I had been in the best shape in ages!"

- Tim Evens

" I have been doing boot camp now for just over a year,  yes I’ve lost weight (2 stone to date) yes I’ve got fitter (increased my running pace by 50 seconds per mile)  yes I’ve lost body fat (8% so far) but more than anything I have increased my self-esteem. I am no longer letting fear hold me back, I am embracing all that life has to offer, with every pound I’ve lost I’ve gained a feeling of pride in my achievements. I have even applied for the London Marathon next year and have been offered a place with the RNIB. So if you want a new beginning give it a go, it can be hard at times but you will be working out with encouraging like-minded individuals, no competition, no judgement just pure comradery. It’s the best thing you will ever do!  All there is left to say is thank you Jason you have quite literally changed my life! "

- Bridget

"Thank you so much Jason for what you've done: I've never been this fit in my life."

- Jenny Dalhuijsen

"Just to let you know that whilst the pounds are coming off slowly I am losing inches! In the last 6-8 weeks I have lost - Bust - 1.5 inches, Waist - 2 inches, Hips - 3 inches and Thighs - 1 inch. This shows that your Boot Camp works when you put in the effort! Jason you are welcome to use this as a testimonial and thank you for your encouragement."

- Tina Robinson

"I've trained with Jason since 2000 and really appreciate the way he's helped keep me fit, healthy and happy in that time. Training is always varied and challenging, keeping it fun and motivating. - Thank you Jason."

- John - Managing Director

Quote Hard work"I have been going to boot camp since June and am still thoroughly enjoying it. It is hard work but the benefits are huge and rewarding, not only do you tone up and lose weight its a brilliant way to meet friends and is a lot of fun.

"Jason is very friendly and encouraging when you feel you "can't do any more" his positive attitude makes you believe "you can do it.

"After joining boot camp I feel a lot fitter in myself and my body is definitely a lot more toner. Its also excellent value for money especially if you pay for 6 weeks - the more you go to boot camp the "easier" it becomes!

"Thank you Jason for all your hard work!"

- Sue Pike

"I've been training with Jason at his boot camp for the last 10 weeks and after trying everything else from gym's to running I find the boot camp to be the best form of exercise for fitness and to toning up, I have also lost 14 pounds in the 10 weeks! I really enjoy the sessions and it's great to be able to go at your own pace, but Jason is always offering encouragement to keep you going! I would defiantly recommend it to anyone, it's a great way to get fit."

- Chris Shepherd - Managing Director

"I have been going to Jason's Boot Camp at the Health Centre for about 2 months. It is very varied and interesting. Jason is always on hand to give some good advice on exercise as well as nutrition. He caters for all levels of fitness and doesn't make you feel inadequate if you cant keep up or are struggling a little bit. He is very encouraging and gives you a positive attitude as well as keeping it fun and enjoyable. Value for money is excellent, particularly if you take the multiple sessions option for 6 weeks and he is very reliable. I can definitely feel an improvement in my overall fitness and health. I would recommend this Boot Camp every time."

- Jayne Churches

"I really enjoy boot camp every week, I have been going for nearly two months. I have lost a lot of weight since I started going and toned up, it has motivated me to do more exercise and to eat better. The sessions are well thought out and different every week. It is very friendly, really hard work but surprisingly good fun."

- Caroline Vans

"Have been to couple of sessions and have really enjoyed them. Its hard work ( for me at least) but you feel great afterwards and it is so nice to exercise outdoors. Would recommend." 

- Jayne

"I approached Jason when my son wanted to volunteer for a career in the Armed Forces. Jason coached my son over several weeks, providing a weekly exercise and diet plan, which ensured that the required level of fitness was reached within the set time. For those who are not sure whether they can make the fitness grade for entry in to the forces get in touch with Jason."

- S M Chapman

Quote positive all round"I joined Jason's boot camp a couple of months ago after getting really bored of sitting in front of the t.v. and looking at my growing tummy. I can honestly say as well as pushing you to your own limit Jason makes the sessions fun. He encourages you to do the best you can and is never negative. Women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels have joined and there is a really good team spirit forming even with some people coming to different sessions. I am beginning to see changes in my own fitness and body shape and am feeling more positive all round. If you ask Jason a question he is happy to help, often researching and emailing you an answer in between sessions. I am delighted I got off the sofa and now look forward to trying on clothes rather than dreading it, and might even be in the family holiday photos this year - something I have always avoided in the past! I still have a long way to go but actually feel very confident if I continue going to bootcamp I will get there, I would highly recommend you come along and try out the sessions for yourself."

- Shani Smith.

"I have been training with Jason for six months and I have been delighted with the results I have achieved. We have consistently hit my goals and Jason has helped me gain the extra physical edge I was looking for in my sport. The sessions are always enjoyable yet challenging and give an extra dynamic to standard training that I have previously been used to. I also have to say that Jason gave me sound nutritional advice, which made common sense. I would recommend Jason to anyone wishing to gain fitness or health related results."

- Damian H

''Jason, you gave me the self belief and motivation I needed so bad - thank you.''

- R Harris

''The 10k training program worked a treat and I was able to run for the whole distance too! My next goal is the Bristol half marathon. Jason I'll be in touch!''

- Debra Clarke

''I thought I knew a lot about exercise until I started training with Jason. There doesn't seem to be a limit to his Knowledge of exercise and fitness.''

- Mat Banks

''I never thought I would be training with a personal trainer, but when a close friend gave me Jason's number I thought I would give it a try. Looking back it was the best decision I made. I can't ever see myself training with out Jason again.''

- Janet Holby

" Hi Jason, Just wanted to give you my feedback. Personally for me I cannot fault anything about what you are doing. 1) For me the time is excellent not too early not too late ,it still gives me chance to go home and have some time to myself 2) Three times a week is great 3) Value for money 4) The sessions are varied and enjoyable never boring 5) Good advice is always on hand. "All in all I really enjoy boot camp. The only thing that bothers me is now that I have found you I don't want to lose you !!!!  So don't go re - locating or anything Ha Ha."

- Sue Foale

"I really enjoyed your boot camps and I think you're highly skilled, brilliantly motivational trainer. I wish you all the luck for the future."

- Tess Bide

Marine Cap squareWhat the Royal Marines said about Jason

"Marine Hodge joined the Royal Marines in 1988, passing out initial training and the demanding Commando course. After serving in a rifle section in 40 Commando, he settled on his chosen specialisation and qualified as a landing craftsman. Over the subsequent years, he served in a variety of Landing Craft roles in HMS Fearless, Royal Marines Poole and in the British Indian Territory, Diego Garcia. In 1993 and 1998 he saw active service in Northern Ireland.

"Over the years he achieved some notable sporting succes including 2nd place in the British Army Power-lifting Championships. He always kept himself very fit and has conducted classes in Military Physical Training on many occasions. During his career, he developed and matured in the light of a wide range of often challenging experiences. His reports mention consistently his reliability, adaptability and capacity for hard work. He is well known and respected by his contemporaries and his presents will be missed.

"Marine Hodge has served the Royal Marines in an exemplary manner and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective employer."

- R M Commanding Officer, Royal Marines Poole


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