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Wednesday, 01 November 2017 12:30

RUN-FIT training sessions proving popular

RunFit ParachutesHodge Health & Fitness have re-launched their popular RUN-FIT sessions in Bristol, which are unlike all other running clubs...

Back by popular demand, Hodge Health & Fitness announce the resurrection of their RUN-FIT training club. The sessions are designed using proven training and cardio drills and open to all.

"There are some great running clubs in and around the city" says Jason Hodge, "but our club is different. It's designed to specifically increase your fitness levels and enhance your natural running performance."

The club runs on Saturday mornings from the Knowle West Health Park just after the boot camp. One of the club members comment "On the first RUNFIT training session I was expecting an hour of running up and down hills around the Knowle Health Centre; I could not be more wrong. In fact we spent the hour learning running techniques, improving our flexibility, agility, and interval running and sprinting. Overall enjoyed the RUNFIT training session, and felt so much more energised than before I started. Definitely looking forward to the next session, and knowing Jason no two sessions are ever the same".

Jason invites everyone to take a look at the RUN-FIT and join in on Saturday mornings.

More information on RUN-FIT Club here >>

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