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Thursday, 12 October 2017 08:44

FREE 14-Day Health Eating Plan officially launched

Hodge Health & Fitness officially launches their campaign to get free copy of their 14-Day Healthy Eating plan in the hands of anyone and everyone that wants one.

Hodge Health and Fitness have been working in close collaboration with their nutrition partner Linda Simms Nutrition to create a practical and achievable healthy eating plan for all.

Health Eating Pan ThumbnailThe free 14-plan plan has been received well by all customers that subscribe to email content from both parties and is now freely available to all and sundry from both companies via their websites.

"Working with Linda is a perfect compliment to my business as healthy eating is just as important to a healthy wellbeing as is exercise." says Jason Hodge. "I want to be able to offer more than just a fitness regime to my customers and Linda's ideas are easy to follow and certainly delicious." he continues.

"The people that work with Jason on their fitness are ideally suited to this type of plan and it's been a pleasure to create it for them." Linda adds. 

Jason invites everyone to click here >> to get a free copy of the plan.

More information on achieving a healthy lifestyle is available in the Hodge Health & Fitness Blog >> and Linda's Nutrition's website here >>

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