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Monday, 09 November 2015 14:42

Boot Camp awareness signs for Knowle

Boot Campers1Signs have been put in place around the Knowle West Health Park to help bring the attention of others to the boot camps that are approved to be conducted there, and to raise awareness of their activities at the park.

This is for the benefit of everyone that uses the park and the signs been installed in partnership with the Knowle West Health Park Company and Hodge Health & Fitness.


The signs are informative to the other park users and dog owners for safety and mutual respect of our instructors, boot campers and of course other park users of all ages. 

Boot Camp Awareness signThe signs briefly explain that there are regular and organised activities being run by qualified professionals and that the approved instructors have been granted access to all green areas of the park.

Jason Hodeg says 'The signs also advise to keep all dogs on their leads and not to play football or other games around where the Boot Camp has been set up. Boot campers, dog owners and sports fans alike should be considerate of all park users'.

Seal of approval

All signs have also been edorsed by Vicki Morris, Chief Executive of the Knowle West Health Park Company and both companies politely request that everyone to respect the shared areas of the park.

You may Contact Vicki Morris regarding any questions about our activities and how they may effect other users of the Health Park on 0117 277 2255 www.knowlewesthealthpark.co.uk 

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