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Massage & Reiki

Offering two methods of relaxation - Swedish Massage and Reiki. Both can make an excellent healing tool to help you de-stress your body. But best of all you don't even need to go anywhere, as all this is done in the comfort of your home.

Swedish Massage

This method is a therapeutic deep tissue massage. Used with basic oils, candles and soft background music. Perfect to rest and relax your body and mind. 1 hour.


Reiki meaning life force energy, flows freely in and around all living things. Reiki is an ancient hands on healing system and used to promote well being and balanced energy (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). 1 hour.

The small print (disclaimer)

Swedish massage may increase blood flow around the body. Both Swedish massage and Reiki can heat up your body's temperature. If you have any doubts about your health then please seek your Doctor's advice before you book a massage.

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