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We're pleased to attend specific events all over the UK. Team members are invited from our BootCampers and Personal Training clients. Please check back regularly for all the latest.

Oct 2018: Commando Challenge 

The Royal Marines Commando Challenge. Exmouth 13th/14th October 2018

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Jason Hodge from Hodge Health & Fitness and his team of BootCampers and personal training clients participated in last year's 10k Royal Marines Commando Challenge. This was our first team event and was a great success. 

Jason produced some limited edition T-Shirts for participants to wear on the day and to keep as a mark of their achievement.

"The Commando Challenge is something all fitness fans should experience." says Jason Hodge. "It's a test of your cardio-vascular fitness and strength of mind."

We're proud to announce that Hodge Health & Fitness will be formulated a team for this years Commando Challenge 5k and 10k Saturday 13th October. 

Are you fit enough and who can join?

As with all events the Commando Challenge is open to all fitness levels. We're going to do this a little different this year as we'll be signing up two teams for the 5k and 10k Challenges. 

You can run, walk or even go round the course backwards! Jason will help you around, but there will be plenty of other Royal Marines on hand to get you through the course. Jason's team is open to everyone who's trained with Hodge Health & Fitness, now or in the past. 

The team will start together but anyone who wants to break off and go for it can. The same would go for those who are happy to just plod round with a friend. The aim is to just get everyone around.


Team Commando 2017Being a former Royal Marine himself Jason has suitably named his team as 'Team Commando'. Make sure you click on to Jason's team when signing up on the Commando Challenge website and your preferred distance. Simply choose between TeamCommando5k or TeamCommando10k. You'll also need to email Jason for his unique team password. Details will be issued via newsletter.

Prices and early bird sign up

Price for all entries is £40 for the 5k Challenge and £50 for the 10k Challenge. However if you sign up before the 9am on Tuesday April 3rd you'll receive a £5 early bird discount bringing the price down to £35 for the 5k and £45 for the 10k.

Preparation Training and Nutrition

We'll be organising some extra cardio/endurance training sessions at the Knowle West Health Park nearer the time of the event. However our 6 week Military Boot Camp courses have been designed to get you fit quick. Plus if you then combine our Boot Camp training with our regular Run-Fit sessions, you really will be 'taking your fitness to the next level.

Read Hodge Health & Fitness Commando Challenge team member Kieren's blog on getting tough-mudder ready and Jason's own blog on training and preparation tips on the Commando Challenge website.

Linda Sims Nutrition has partnered with Hodge Health & Fitness to provide some nutritional ideas for our big day. Take a look at Linda's blog appropriately named 'Eat your way to a successful Commando Challenge'.

Hints and Tips

Running should be your first train of thought in your preparation programme. Start be running as far as you can without stopping. Only when you feel comfortable running this distance should you increase you distance.

onlineentries 7Fartlek should also be included as part of you overall training. Fartlek which is Swedish for speed play is a training method where you mix the speed of your running session to include periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running. This can be effective between lampposts or land marks etc for your total distance. The variable intensity and continuous nature of this type of training places stress on both aerobic and anaerobic systems to give you an amazing fitness boost to your cardio/endurance capability.

Another effective way to use your Fartlek training is by adding body weight strength exercises along the way. By simply stoping and doing random exercises such as step ups, press ups and sit ups will also add to the overall intensity of your training. See how imaginative you can be!

Fartlek differs from traditional interval training in that the training is unstructured & therefore offers a similar effect to the stop/start and under/over of any obstacle event. Specialised cardio/endurance training will be open to everyone on Saturday mornings at the Knowle West Health Park. Details to follow shortly. 

Get the kit

Get yourself organised and start getting your kit ready about a month before your obstacle event so you'll have no last minute surprises on the day.

Decide what kit you're going to wear and check it all over and that it all fits comfortably. Trainers, do you need a new pair? If so then make sure you buy a them well in advance to give yourself plenty of time to break them in. Also make sure you buy the right type of trainers for your event! - see my blog on using the right trainers. And finally think about what your going to eat before the event and after to recover.


As this we'll be entering two teams this year team members will be making their way by car. The address you need for your satnav is: Bicton Arena, Yettington, East Budleigh, Devon. EX9 7BL. Jason invites anyone to join in or come along to watch. 

See the Commando Challenge website for full details including information about the charities they support including the Devon Air Ambulance Trust and the Royal Marines Charity.


Or, please feel free to follow the event on Facebook and Twitter #RMCdoChallenge @RMCdoChallenge www.facebook.com/CommandoChallenge

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